A B O U T   M E

I am an expert in website plateform with more than 10 years of experience. I only work with entrepreneurs, who want to set up effective websites and tools to generate more income.

A beautiful website is like giving a nice brochure at a festival and praying that people will look at it and decide to visit your store without being guided.The goal of a website is not just to be beautiful. His mission is to bring leads to contact or to make sales!

I help entrepreneur to put in place transactional websites designed to sell or report contacts (leads). He will act as your best full time advisor / salesperson for your business in an inexhaustible way! 24/7.


  • No DAS or other deductions to pay,

  • no break or personal life management to manage!

  • He will work tirelessly for them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365/365 without ever asking for a day off when it's not time!


Because I do not build a traditional showcase website, which officially does not aim to bring income to your business.

The goal is to generate sales even when you sleep. Your website will continue to sell during this time! I offer my support for 3 months.

Looking forward to contributing to your success,

Yan Lavergne
Your expert in transactional websites plateform

Do you want to generate 24/7 income with your transactional website?

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